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i’ve never reblogged a more perfect photoset

i am going to fucking kill the new neighbors.


McKamey Manor

San Diego

These are a few pictures (not real blood in the pics) from probably one of the most unique haunted houses you will ever see. It’s not your standard — jump scare, strobe lights and people in clown masks — haunted house. This haunted house lets you live out your OWN horror story. It is extremely rough experience so, a waiver form has to be signed. It lasts anywhere from 2-4 hours—sometimes more.

You must be in extremely good health due to the extremely high physical demands. If it gets too much for the person, they can quit. There are a variety of “stories” you can chose to play out. This haunted house is for those people who desire a bigger kind of scare.



cover charge is $75, or $60+dog food donation, which is pretty great. i wish va had cool things like this


Born in Denmark in 1978, John Kenn spends his days writing and directing television shows for kids. When he has time between TV and his twins, he draws his creepy little monster drawings on post-it notes, peeking into a little window into a different world, made entirely on office supplies.

hey you guys i’m engaged

how am i supposed to wear my skinny jeans for work when im this bloated

"i’m going to watch the game so naturally i have to turn the tv up to maximum possible volume when i’m sitting less than ten feet away from it, yeah!"

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